… After a long break, Ensemble for Different New Music has returned to stage in 2017, this time joined by young composers and pianists (Andrej Negić and Dimitrije Beljanski are also participants in the Piano Sky). This revival was an ingenious way to join the 1970s and 80s with the 21st Century. The Ensemble is a school, an orchestra, a hippie commune, a source of enthusiasm and a pure joy of playing, all of this at the same time. We who love music are all incredibly happy that these wonderful people exist and play.

Ivan Lončarević, 2020.

… Titled as Serbian Minimalists, the program included the works by composers of different generations whose work is using repetition as a central formal device. This, however, included completely different creative sensibilities: from strict, mechanical sound; and minimalist scheme of the rhythmical component of the work; to pieces with vocal elements; and to melodically monotonous, but with layered timbres of musical structures of almost orchestral proportions.

... At the same time, always between pieces, we listened to a short and vivid story about the composition that will follow.

Nataša Tasić, Niš Music Festival, Serbia, 2019

... this simultaneous concert of two very different groups (with only one thing in common – tendency toward music minimalism) reverberate even more. While Michael Nyman with his band is successfully exploring a number of melodic models of the past and present – from Mozart to Rock - Miloš Raičković and the Ensemble for Different New Music, of the Students’ Cultural Centre from Belgrade, are ascetically meditating on vibraphone and similar instruments, almost enforcing a listening relaxation after the penetrating pulsations of Nyman’s instruments.

Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatia
Jagoda Martinčević-Lipovčan, 1979

... Twelve performers on six keyboards, a vibraphone and a marimba, have created soundscapes that enchanted the audience with hypnotic elegance as well as with refinement of musical forms.

... A great applause to the ensemble that performed on the highest level, making it possible that a creative wealth of this musical style comes to full fruition.

Andreas Köthe, International Festival of Minimal Music, Kassel, 2019

…A fascinating concert marked the 40th anniversary of the Ensemble for Different New Music. More than ten pianists on pianos, electric and electronic pianos, seated by two, even by three on each keyboard, performed works by Miroslav Savić (a premiere of Euler Chord - Shepard Tones and ABC Music from 1980) and Miloš Raičković (Waiting for C-A-G-E from 2012 and Water Tones from 1977). A concert hall fully packed with old and new fans greeted the return and revitalization of the Ensemble for Different New Music - as well the presentation of a new CD by Savić, with ovations and long aplauses.

Zorica Premate, Politika, Belgrade, 2018

…The program range of the concert given in Novi Sad by the Ensemble for Different New Music included early works from 1970s as well as new compositions written over the past two years. This was an exciting presentation of the stylistic and expressive development of what we can call The Belgrade School of Minimalism. This School is today, as well as during its beginnings, totally an equal to - and in close touch and resonance with - the dominant manifestations of this musical movement worldwide.

B. Hložan, Dnevnik, 2018