About us

Ensemble for Different New Music (ADNM) is a multi-keyboard group. It gave its first concert on December 7, 1977 at the Students' Cultural Centre in Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia). The program consisted of minimalist pieces by Miloš Raičković, including his Permutations for 3 pianos, for 18 hands. Soon, Ensemble started performing music by other Belgrade composers, Katarina Miljković, Miroslav Savić, Miodrag Lazarov Pashu, Milimir Drašković, Vladimir Tošić, Marijan Šijanec, and others. With the support of Miroslav Savić, the music director at the Students' Cultural Centre at the time, Ensemble gave concerts across Yugoslavia as well as in Hungary, Austria and Italy. It also performed Raičković's works at the Music Biennale Zagreb in 1979. The Ensemble has recorded for Radio and TV, and has released LPs with works by Robert Moran and several Belgrade composers.

After a period of inactivity, Ensemble was revived in 2017 and it now connects of some of the original members along with the musicians of new generations. A concert, marking the 40th anniversary from their first concert, was held at the Students' Cultural Centre in Belgrade, featuring new and old works by Raičković and Savić. A very enthusiastic reaction by the audience gave the Ensemble new energy to continue performing. In June and July of 2018, the Ensemble had a mini-tour across several cities in Serbia, Meditations for Pianos - 24 Hands. In 2019, the Ensemble continued their concert activities, performing several times a program titled Minimal Music in Belgrade, before going to the 11th International Minimal Music Festival in Kassel, Germany, where they presented a program titled Serbian Minimalists. The Ensemble was invited later that year to the 45th NIMUS festival in Niš, Serbia, and has also performed live on Radio and TV at the Studio 6 of the Radio Belgrade.

The year 2020 started well off with a concert at the Guarnerius Concert Hall in Belgrade, organized by a Hiroshima-based organization Harmony for Piece and Hope. This concert, featuring the Ensemble’s members as a soloists, has been part of a global series of concerts promoting the demand for nuclear disarmament. After a break in public performances imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Ensemble is planning new concerts and projects for 2021, including a concert program titled European Minimalists.

Ensemble for Different New Music consists of some of the original members from 1977, along with new genererations of musicians. Today's members are: Nada Kolundžija, Branka Parlić, Miroslav Savić, Dragoljub „Ilke“ Ilić, Lidija Stanković, Nataša Penezić, Milena Petrović and Andrej Negić.

Ensemble performs its concerts on both acoustic and electric/electronic instruments. This way of performing music allows the Ensemble to play in concert halls that host acoustic pianos, but also in spaces without any available instruments. With this in mind, members of the Ensemble choose their repertory carefully, and select only those pieces that can be equally well interpreted on all of the mentioned instruments.