About us

Ensemble for Different New Music (ADNM) is a multi-keyboard ensemble founded in 1977 in Belgrade/Serbia. Created by Miroslav Miša Savić, Miloš Raičković, Milimir Drašković, Lazarov Miodrag Pashu and Vladimir Tošić - a group of strong-minded young composers who were not interested in following their older colleagues' steps, this ensemble has from its very beginning attracted attention as a collective of composers and pianists dedicated to minimalism, post minimalism and performance art. After the initial concert held at Student's Cultural Center in Belgrade in 1977, ADNM has performed in numerous festivals in former Yugoslavia, (e.g. Music Biennale in Zagreb, Contemporary Music Festival in Opatia/Croatia, BITEF in Belgrade) as well as in Graz (Austria), Essen and Frankfurt (Germany), Trieste (Italy) and Budapest (Hungary). During the 70's the ensemble recorded various programs for radio and television, and has in 1981 recorded what is regarded a milestone LP record, featuring pieces by Robert Moran and Milimir Drašković.

Among many performers that have taken part in ADNM concerts and/or recording sessions are: Nada Kolundžija, Miroslav Miša Savić, Dragoljub Ilke Ilić, Slobodan Todorović, Branka Parlić, Lidija Stanković, Ksenija Zečević†, Miodrag Lazarov Pashu, Vladimir Tošić, Milimir Drašković†, Nebojša Brajović (Moris Witt), Paul Pignon, Olgica Antić†, Anđelka (Marjanović) Đorđević†, Aleksandar Damnjanović, Dubravka Kovačević, Miloš Petrović†, Istra Pečvari, Mila Lacković†, Dragana Kosić, Marjan Šijanec, Rade Bulatović, Nenad Jelić, Tatjana Šurev, Miroslav Karlović, Đorđe Gavrilović, Veljko Nikolić†, Tatjana Tasić, Borislav Pavićević, Margita Stefanović†, Nataša Bogojević, Branka Žiravac, Isidora Žebeljan†, Jovana Đorđević, Katarina Radovanović i Miloš Raičković. Today Ensemble for Different New Music connects several of its oldest members with a new generation of pianists and composers. It includes soloists, composers, curators and educators: Nada Kolundžija, Branka Parlić, Miroslav Miša Savić, Dragoljub Ilke Ilić, Lidija Stanković, Nataša Penezić, Milena Petrović and Andrej Negić.

After a long break, ADNM came together in 2017 with a comeback concert marking its 40th birthday, and a beginning of a new chapter. Very active on stages in Serbia, ADNM has played many concerts since 2018 (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Kanjiža, Aranđelovac). Ensemble also made special appearances at the International minimal music festival in Kassel in 2019. and Summer in Izola festival in 2021. ADNM has released a CD ABC for ADNM featuring Serbian composers, funded by the Organization of Music Authors of Serbia (SOKOJ) with the POP Depression label www.popdepression.com. This release was awarded the best classical music album of 2021 by magazine Muzika klasika and can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music.


In 2023, his second CD titled "Ovo nije Op.1" is released with works by Andrej Negić, Dragoljub Ilić Ilke, Miroslav Miša Savić, Pavel Karmanov, Uli Goethe and Neil Campbell, also published by POP Depression. This album, like the previous one, received the award of the magazine Muzika klasika for the best album of the year and immediately after that the prestigious world award, the silver medal Best Music Award.